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Warwan Valley Trek

Warwan valley trek: Kishtwar is an isolated district in Jammu & Kashmir, accessible from both Jammu and Srinagar. This trek is a revelation of 19th Century  Kashmiri culture, and offers opportunities for the trekker to explore  some of the valleys that lead to the heart of the greater Himalayas.  Trekkers can also deviate from the main path to explore the Kiar and  Kibar valley at the base of the Sickle Moon or Bhrahmah peaks. You can  either take a bus or walk to the Palmer village. Ikhala is only a few  kilometres on from Palmer, and there is a good rest house and camping  sites at the base of the trail. Trek Kashmir is a family run company that can take you trekking in Kashmir and show you the best that beautiful Kashmir has to offer.

The second day’s trek to the Sirshi  village initially passes through heavily forested gorges to the  confluence of the Kibar and Kiar nullahs (ravines). From Sirshi, the  trail passes through rich farmland offering a spectacular view of the  Brahmah peak. Gradually the irrigated area gives way to thickly forested  gorges that lead to the village of Hanzal. A little beyond Hanzal, the  forests are replaced by orchards of walnut and apples at Marva and  Yourdu. From Yourdu the trail first runs along the banks of the Warwan  river to Inshin, a major village with a general store and a bank. The  last stage of this trek begins with a steep climb to the Margan Pass  with breathtaking views of the Warwan valley and the Nun Kun peaks. From  the pass it’s an easy descent to Lehinvan where buses are available to  Anantnag and then Srinagar Kashmir.
Season: June to October. 
Duration: 6 days. 
Grade: Moderate.
Stages:  Kishtwar to Palmer to Ikhala, Ikhala to Sirshi, Sirshi to Hanzal,  Hanzal to Yourdu, Yourdu to Inshin, Inshin to Lehinvan.
Note: Rest houses are available at all stages. A cook will travel with you. All baggage will be carried by horses.  

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